there was a point in my life where i had to watch peter pan everyday or else i would feel incomplete and couldnt sleep for the whole night

life update just bc

so it has been a month since school started (senior year ) and we’re just really busy with all the our school works and such and i basically don’t have any weekends anymore (fri + sat = weekends)

i was elected as a club president so i really have to attend every friday aka club days (for the whole year omg) oTL and then i also have a speech and leadership training every saturdays (which reminds me, i’m a speaker this week huhu) and this training will end in august + i also have extra school hours bc of our college entrance tests review after school every day until september

also a semifinalist for a contest (essay writing filipino division) that will be held this october in bahrain and i really want to represent the school ugh (imagine battling against diff ppl from other countries omg)

lol that is all

Anonymous asked: you remember that post you made saying that the guy in the photo wasn't jeremy stumper? do you know who is the boy in that photo? thank you x

sobbing bc i dont receive any notifications with my messages so im so so so so sorry if this message has been in here for *months* now

and im sorry too bc sorry, i don’t know him 


sorry for the lack of posts guys ✌️ went here in the philippines last april and staying here in our mountainous province meaning, crappy signal.

Thanks for sticking with me tho 😭


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